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Retirement & Estate Planning

Retirement planning is appropriate for people at all stages of their careers. Life is uncertain and our approach to retirement takes life’s uncertainty into account. We help clients understand their ability to manage risk through the use of back-up plans, insurance and other tools.


For those starting out, we focus on:

  • understanding current cash flow situation and requirements
  • establishing general savings goals
  • understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different savings vehicles including traditional and Roth IRAs, regular and Roth 401(k)s, annuities and taxable accounts
  • reviewing the options available in the client’s 401(k) and developing a strategy to use the 401(k) effectively
  • allocating available savings between competing uses such saving for a home, paying back student debt, saving for children’s education and retirement



For those at mid-career, we also focus on:

  • setting retirement goals
  • evaluating the progress made towards reaching those goals including a review of retirement and other savings, accumulated benefits due under defined benefit pension plans and other potential sources of retirement income including inheritances



For those approaching retirement our focus shifts to the effective use of retirement assets including:

  • deciding when and how to retire
  • taking qualified plan distributions in a tax effective manner
  • understanding the advantages and disadvantages of annuities and their possible use in providing a secure retirement
Investment management is an essential part of retirement planning. We do not provide investment management services but can work with any investment manager.