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A sampling of my clients

Boston ABA (www.bostonaba.com) Boston ABA is an organization dedicated to helping individuals in need of behavorial services using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. The company tailors individual interventions to meet the unique needs of more than 100 individuals across Eastern Massachusetts.

Elsa Dorfman (www.elsa.photo.net) is a portrait photographer. Her site includes a series of wonderful portraits of Allen Ginsberg.

Good & Cormier (www.goodcormier.com) — attorneys specializing in criminal defense and civil liberties issues.

L’Amante (www.lamante.com) is a fine chef owned Italian restaurant specializing in simple and delicious handmade food using the best Vermont-grown ingredients.  

McLaughlin Investigative Goup, Inc.
(www.mclaughlininvestigative.com) is a full service firm serving the investigative and security needs of the professional, legal and corporate communities.

Ocean River Institute (www.oceanriver.org) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people and groups make a difference through environmental stewardship and science.

RIC International (www.ricintl.com) provides customer focused localization, technical consulting and translation services helping clients obtain a global presence.

Watertown Cooperative Nursery School (www.watertowncoop.org)  was created in 1952 by parents who envisioned a school where children felt comfortable and cared for, where friendships could grow, and where positive reinforcement would be constant.  Today the school has an enrollment of 32 children, a staff of incredible teachers and offers a full-time summer camp.